DIVING DEEP  -  Your Hopewell staff suggests the following opportunities for deepening your discipleship over the summer months.  Prayerfully commit to go deeper.  

  • Visit the public or Hopewell libraries for Christian storybooks with faith-related themes.
  • For young children (non-readers and early readers), read The Deep Blue Bible Storybook.  
  • For rising 4th and 5th graders, read The Deep Blue Bible.
  • Attend Vacation Bible School.
  • Attend church and/or Sunday school.

Youth and Adults
  • Find a quiet place and read your Bible daily (download the Youversion App).see 
  • Read the “I AM” passages in the Gospel of John.
  • Listen to sermons online or live, especially if you are traveling.
  • Take regular walks and listen to the songs that God’s creation sings.
  • Invest in a daily devotional, such as Treasures and Riches by Rachel Crawshaw.  
  • Introduce yourself to Disciple Bible study with a one-week sample curriculum, available by calling the church office (610-269-1545).
  • Take part in the Summer Bible Study in the Park, every Wednesday evening in August.
  • Visit Hopewell’s library and check out a book or two which will take you deeper into discipleship.
  • Parents: Read Fearless Parenting by George Barna and Jimmy Myers, or UnSelfie by Michele Borba.

GOING WIDE  -  Your Hopewell staff suggests the following opportunities for widening your discipleship over the summer months.  Prayerfully commit to go wider.  

  • Participate in this year’s VBS mission efforts:  Angel Tree Mission and Rise Against Hunger.
  • Create a tithing jar.
  • Draw colorful pictures for people who are in need of cheer; visit, send a card, or make cookies for someone who needs encouraging.
  • Bring a friend along to a church event.
  • Donate gently used clothing or toys to the Good Will.

Youth and Adults
  • Help with Congregational Care.
  • Serve at the Chester County Food Bank.
  • Serve at Good Works.
  • Volunteer at The Well.
  • Deliver and/or serve a meal at Safe Harbor shelter.
  • Help at the August 13-17 summer camp at Camp Innabah.
  • Help renovate the shipping container HOOP 2 for South Africa.
  • Donate items to VBS, South Africa, or Helping Hands.
  • Sign up to help with FLC Coffees, the Welcome Table, and greeting/ushering.
  • Make a contribution to Beyond the Walls XI.