Planting Seeds

Save the Date: September 30, 2017

Transformative leadership training for lay and clergy designed to empower local congregations 

Seek the peace and prosperity of the city…     
Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper.  
Jeremiah 29:7 (NIV)

Hopewell United Methodist Church
852 Hopewell Road  .  Downingtown, PA  19335
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11:30 am Pre-Conference Workshops
  1:00 pm Registration
  2:00 pm Welcome and Keynote Address
  3:15 pm Ministry Workshops & Leadership Training
  4:45 pm Fellowship & Refreshments
  5:25 pm Closing Worship

Christ Servant Ministries  -  Advanced Course in Leadership

Friday, September 29 (evening) and Saturday, September 30 
Building Financial Resources for Ministry

An Advanced Course and certification training for Christ Servant Ministers with the Mid-Atlantic United Methodist Foundation, Inc., Stewardship and Investment Management, will be offered in partnership with the Eastern PA Conference.

Those who register for this CSM Advanced Course in Leadership are automatically also registered for Planting Seeds for Ministry Growth. Click HERE for course information and to download the registration document.

Pre-Conference Workshops 

The Way of the Labyrinth
Led by Pastor Vicki Pry, Pastor of Spiritual Formation, Hopewell United Methodist Church
There is rich history and depth to the spiritual discipline of labyrinth walking.  Explore that richness in conversation, as well as experientially. Whether well-acquainted or unfamiliar with the practice, there is always something new to glean on the walking prayer path when hearts are open to God’s possibilities.

Children’s Ministries—Building a Firm Foundation
Led by Cheri Miller, Director of Children’s Ministries, Hopewell United Methodist Church
Every church’s Children’s Ministry has the same mission - to help children build a firm foundation in Christ. We want them to love Jesus and love the church!  But sustaining vibrancy in our Children’s Ministries can be a big challenge. Learn tactics for building a growth-oriented strategy for your Children’s Ministry.

Afternoon Workshops 

God's Misfit Mission: Meeting People Where They Are
Led by Scott Chrostek, Pastor of RezDowntown
God calls us to go and to do.  But, from a practical perspective, what does it take to meet our neighbors, to share the gospel, and to change the world around us? Meet some “misfits” and discover how they learned “what it takes” to move from 9 to 1000 in worship by carrying the DNA of some misfits into an entire church, and beyond.  

Singing Strong: Getting the Most from the Voices in our Choirs
Led by Margaret (Peggy) Baroody, Senior Voice Clinician and Singing Voice Specialist
When working with a church choir, which often has older singers, how can choir directors get voices to the next level? Due to physiological changes, older voices don’t sing as high, or clear, or as loud as choir directors likely want. Learn techniques for choir rehearsals and performances that address these matters, and more, from a leading expert in the field of clinical singing voice rehabilitation and vocal health issues.

It Is Well:  What’s Happening in Downingtown?
Led by Pastor Keith Wilburn, Pastor of Urban Connection, Hopewell United Methodist Church and Executive Director of Coatesville Kids to College
Hop on the bus and take a field trip to Hopewell’s off-site mission post in Downingtown, The Well.  In a downtown property purchased this spring, hear the vision for the extraordinary ministry God has planted in Hopewell’s congregation for children’s programming, Celebrate Recovery support group, job training, tutoring, and so much more!

Rich Church, Poor Church
Led by Jack Brooks, Executive Director, Mid-Atlantic United Methodist Foundation, Inc., Stewardship and Investment Management
Learn about best practices in the financial management of your church, essential for every church’s future, and an area in which many (perhaps most!) church leaders are lacking tools and training.

Closing Worship at 5:25 pm

Rev. Dr. W. Wilson Goode, Sr.

Special Music
The Philadelphia United Methodist Mass Choir

Keynote Speaker

Rev. Scott Chrostek, Pastor of Resurrection Downtown, Kansas City

The Keynote Address: Imagining the Possibilities
When we remember God’s power and the unlimited potential associated with His generous love for us, there’s plenty we can do, even when we feel like we don’t have much to offer.  As church leaders, we have been entrusted with extraordinary power - God’s power! - to change the world. When we are called to get up, get out, get moving, and give it all away… with joy and thanksgiving, simply by doing the same things that Jesus did first for us, imagine the possibilities! Scott will share the vision, the questions, the ups-and-downs, and the miracles that he and a new Christian community experienced along the way in planting RezDowntown. Just sit back, listen, learn from Pastor Scott, and then imagine the possibilities in your community.

Scott Chrostek is pastor at Resurrection Downtown, a campus of The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection.  Before life in the church, he spent five years working in the field of investments.  Soon after completing his M. Div. at Duke Divinity School, Scott was recruited by Adam Hamilton in 2009 to launch RezDowntown, and that portion of Church of the Resurrection has grown from 9 to nearly 1,000 persons in weekly worship attendance in its first six years.  Scott is part of Hamilton’s Executive Leadership team at COR, and is widely viewed as one of the brightest young leaders among United Methodist clergy nationwide.  

In 2011, this new Christian community purchased and renovated a bar/concert venue in downtown Kansas City.  Four years later, they raised over $6 million dollars and built the first new church building in downtown KC in over 80 years.  The congregation is 66% single and over two-thirds of its worshiping community is non-religious or nominally religious.  

In 2012, Scott released his first book, Pursuit, which outlines the seven dimensions of living a missional life. Scott’s second book, The Misfit Mission, released this past April, speaks to how whenever God intends to do something extraordinary, God almost always calls the wrong people (seemingly!) at the wrong times. The Misfit Mission describes what it looks like for us to do the right thing in ministry, even when logic or ‘rules’ say it’s the wrong thing.

Rev. Dr. W. Wilson Goode, Sr. is director and organizer of the nationally acclaimed Amachi Program, a national faith-based mentoring model for children of incarcerated parents. He is an ordained Baptist Minister with over 50 years service at the First Baptist Church of Paschall located in southwest Philadelphia.

Dr. Goode has led ground-breaking work in faith-based housing for low and moderate income persons. He was the first African American member and later chairman of the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. He again broke racial barriers with his appointment as Managing Director for the City of Philadelphia. He would follow that as the City’s first African American Mayor for two terms. He subsequently spent 7 years as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Education under the Clinton Administration. He left that position in 2000 to help organize the Amachi Program, which is now his ministry and life’s work.  Since the organization was created, Amachi has served more than 300,000 children by establishing the consistent presence in their lives of loving, caring mentors.