The Well

Work Day Schedule

We have scheduled several more workdays at The Well!  These workdays will be for tasks requiring little to no skills… prep for painting, painting, painting, and some painting.  Or, if you prefer cleaning, that too would be helpful.
The address is 107 West Lancaster Avenue, Downingtown.  The dates and times are in the weekly bulletin.

The times listed are the periods when a team leader will be on site and the building will be open for workers.  You do NOT have to commit to the entire time period listed with each date; come when you are able, and leave when you must.  However, knowing when to expect people really, really helps us put together an organized and efficient work plan for each day. 
If you are able and willing to help, please respond to Deb Boyd via email ( to let her know what day(s) and time(s) we can schedule you. 
Also, please note that we will NOT be providing lunches on these workdays, so pack and bring a brown bag.  There are also many good places to purchase food within easy walking distance of The Well.
Eager to hear from you – hopefully with the message “I’m in!” 
Growing in Christ together,


Local church establishes ‘The Well’ in Downingtown
107 West Lancaster Avenue

Hopewell United Methodist Church begins conversion of former Borough building to offer community services for all ages

Downingtown, PA_ Members of the congregation at Hopewell United Methodist Church in East Brandywine Township, who often embark on mission work as far afield as South Africa and Haiti, and as local as Coatesville and West Chester, spent Memorial Day weekend painting, plastering, ripping up carpet and cleaning to prepare for the opening of The Well in the Borough of Downingtown.  

The Well is an enterprise initiated by Hopewell UMC in response to a vision by senior pastor Steve Morton to have a physical presence in a local urban setting that uses the resources, gifts and skills of the congregation to meet the needs of its neighbors. His vision was based on Jeremiah 29:7: Seek the peace and prosperity of the city; pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper.  The community-center-like site, located at 107 W. Lancaster Avenue in the Borough will be a gathering place for all ages, and will offer services including support groups, job training, after school activities and tutoring, in tandem with – and complementing – already existing programs in the Borough. 

“For more than seven years, since the time that I shared the vision with the congregation, we have undertaken research to determine where a facility like The Well would be needed and welcomed.  Once we settled on the Borough of Downingtown, we planned, prepared and, most importantly, prayed for the right place at the right time in the right location,” said Steve Morton.

“Six months ago, we found the perfect place, and three months ago it became official when we purchased the property. Now all we have to do is get the building ready to be open, which begins with our Memorial Day weekend mission blitz.”

The Well is a key part of Hopewell’s “Beyond the Walls” initiative – a “capital campaign with a twist” now in its 10th year, where 90 percent of all funds raised are used to support missions outside of the church walls, locally, nationwide and internationally.  Nearly $2 million has been raised by church members over the past nine years, which has supported local organizations like Safe Harbor, Bridge of Hope, Good Works and Coatesville Kids to College; nationally for Katrina relief in Mississippi and Sandy relief in New Jersey and Crisfield, Maryland; and for international organizations in Haiti and South Africa.  The other ten percent of all the funds raised are used for the betterment of Hopewell’s church facility in East Brandywine Township.

Keith Wilburn, Hopewell UMC’s Pastor of Urban Connection will oversee the operation of The Well and the programs being offered there. “The mission of The Well is to share God’s love with the Downingtown area by providing physical, emotional and spiritual support to the community,” he said.   “The feedback we have already received from local schools, non-profits, community groups and other churches confirms that where we are and what we plan to offer will be welcome.”

The doors of The Well open this summer for limited programs including a summer literacy camp, Celebrate Recovery and a denomination office to resource area United Methodist congregations in particular, with plans to expand the services in September.

Morton adds:  “Right before he leaves this earth, Jesus tells his disciples to ‘wait in the city until the power from above comes down’ (Luke 24:49), and then, of course, all heaven breaks loose!  Hopewell United Methodist Church is in the city now, and we’re waiting with incredible enthusiasm to see what God’s going to do.”